The Black Book

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Crotchety Oliver Capstick is a book reviewer who has the power to ruin writers, which he does with callous disregard for the consequences. He works from his home, an old out-of-the-way house, lives with his cat, Milton, and holds only a tenuous connection to one other human being, the Postman who delivers the tomes he’s charged to read and review. One such tome, a black book, which Oliver tosses directly into the trash, is about to force him to review his own life with the same callous disregard for the consequences.


– Anna Stephens on The Hub Pages reviews this “excellent, creepy and downright disturbing read”. Read the full review here.

– “…an absolutely cracking read written by a truly talented writer”, says DjG, Amazon reader.

– “First things first, AJ Kirby can write. This guy can tell a story. He’s got this sneaky ability to draw you in and before you know it you’re thirty pages in and it seems like you only started reading a few minutes ago.” Craig Jones, Amazon reader

– “I really liked this wee story”, cheers N. Jackson, Amazon reader

– “I highly recommend The Black Book. You won’t be able to put it down.” Marilyn Baron, Amazon reader

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